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💖 Why Halal? Because of its humongous market size and yet still largely unexploited markets. See Market Overview.
💖 The halal market is a fragmented one because it is spread across different regions in the world, yet the Muslim community is a pretty homogeneous one united by ummah. Although the Internet is global it is hard to serve a community if it is not homogeneous enough and not united some commonality. Therein lies the opportunity for an online halal platform and to create a universal ecosystem to serve the ummah community.
💖 Increase in global population, especially the Muslims. There are 1.8 to nearly 2 billion Muslims living around the World today. By 2030, projected population will grow to 8.3 billion.
💖 Growing incomes and prosperity in many Muslim countries. The youthful bulge in the populations will yield great demographic dividends.
💖 12% global trade from agri-Food products estimated USD 560 billion.
💖 The younger people adapt to technology very quickly, thus the industry will be further disrupted for this factor alone. These countries are playing catchup with countries like China so it will also replicate what had happened in countries like China with the technological revolution.
💖 Halal is synonymous with great food that is both delicious and nutritious, with built-in food safety and hygiene. Read more…
💖 The global halal food market is on the threshold of major developments that hold the promise of rapid and sustainable growth.
💖 The Halal market is a massive one but it has largely been ignored because 1. it has been dismissed as a niche market, 2. non-Muslim entrepreneurs are not familiar with the intricacies of the Halal and Muslim market so they have not exploited this business in ECommerce. Smaller physical Halal stores have popped up here and there but nothing on a large scale. 3. Even the rich investors in the Middle East have not focused on the Halal market because it appears that a larger, non-Muslim market beckons. 4. They have simply not marketed themselves as Halal. 6. Halal products, especially food cannot be mixed with non-halal food. 7. Many people around the world are still unaware of what is halal. See video below. 8. The gap has left a huge opportunity still unexploited for us to take advantage of. It is time.
💖 The Rise of the New Halal Economy: In recent years, the world has seen the constant rise of the halal economy, and after gaining steady momentum, Muslim users are taking to the Internet on masse, with its population representing over 2.18 billion people globally. Generally, the economies of Muslim countries are doing well, particularly, in South East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia and also in many parts of the Middle East and China. Coupled this with the renewed interests in the New Silk Roads, the world is now beginning to see a rise of the new halal economy.
💖 In order to cater to Muslims and non-Muslims customers at the same time, large food and restaurant chains, like McDonalds, KFCs, etc. have their products certified Halal in a number of regions. In Singapore, for example, restaurant chains including, Fish & Co, KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Polar Puffs & Cakes, Ayam Penyet Ria, etc. as well as many smaller establishments have become Halal for the benefit and convenience of all its customers.
💖 Halalria is based in South East Asia, a region with a large Muslim population. From Singapore, it is easy to reach and connect with other large Halal markets in Asia, like China, the Middle East and South Asia, and beyond to other parts of the world.
💖 At the same time, the economic powerhouses of the region, like China, Japan, South Korea provide a great stimulus for the continued growth of the supply chain.
💖 A recent [2020] spate of investments from the tech giants to the north into Singapore and the region, with the likes of ByteDance, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. This is evidence of the growing importance of the market to these tech companies and its humongous potential as a market for them. With the increased investments, it will bring in greater prosperity and create higher incomes for the peoples in the region, thereby further spurring higher consumption and economic growth.
💖 Halalria will create greater opportunities for businesses and industries from non-Muslim countries to participate in the rapid growth of the Halal markets by educating them, facilitating them and interfacing them with the Muslim consumers so as to enable them to penetrate, reach out and expand their business into the ever more sophisticated and growing markets of the Muslim consumers. This will create a multiplier effect that will bring in greater benefits for all concerned.
💖 Halalria is well experienced and established and has the expertise to operate a highly successful online marketplace for Halal products and services. The barriers of entry to the halal marketplace is not low. Many non-Muslims are simply not knowledgeable or are just ignorant of halal.
💖 Yet, it is able to serve a large population of non-Muslims customers, from vendors to halal food lovers, etc.
💖 Halalria is taking a wholistic approach to the development of the Halal platform.
💖 Monetization: All parties @FRIENDCLUB.COM, from members, buyers, sellers, students, teachers, etc. will be able to monetize in numerous ways from the online activities and from the harnessing of its huge database of users it can sign up at its sites globally. More…
💖 Sustainability: The FRIENDCLUB.COM project is primarily based on sustainable business practices. The intrinsic nature of halal is sustainability and so too is the entire FRIENDCLUB.COM ecosystem. As a community driven project profits are also ploughed back to the community, thus ensuring long term sustainability wherever we operate.
💖 Moreover, a virtuous cycle of growth, success and sustainability will ensure the long term profitability of the platform.
💖 Growing interests in the the New Silk Roads in the One Belt One Road initiative.
💖 Iconic. Branding.
💖 Most importantly, FRIENDCLUB.COM is fun:D
💖 FRIENDCLUB.COM is Sociable MECommerce. is not just a halal ecommerce site but it is first and foremost a halal community site. On top of the multi-vendor ecommerce platform are the social software and systems for the ummah community. These sites grow the community together with the ecommerce offerings so as to expand the user database of new, potential or repeat existing customers.
💖 Community Driven Sociable ECommerce: It emphasizes and brings the concept of Sociable MECommerce to a totally new level. It helps small and medium businesses, from home based enterprises to the village farmers or the medium sized food manufacturers, in its community based effort to develop and grow their business by providing incubation centers, that include elearning ecommerce courses, central logistics base, customer service support, etc. FRIENDCLUB.COM operates like a social enterprise. We will endeavor to grow the platform for the benefit of the community to be very much like an online coop.
💖 Future Present, Future Proof and Future Ready: In the technology world where integration and convergence are not just the bywords of the day used for describing the future, it is already happening at a relentless rate, where for example, the Internet of Things which is the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data, is already becoming more and more prevalent. FRIENDCLUB.COM is fully ready for all this and can implement new technologies into its existing platform easily and quickly. FRIENDCLUB.COM is already started implementing artificial intelligence [AI] to our eCommerce platform and will soon introduce VR|AR (which is now under development) to enhance and excite the HFRIENDCLUB.COM shopping experience. Artificial intelligence or AI, which will do among other things, tracks the preferences of the users and target these users by offering them shopping tips and recommendations on products and services.