The Halal market may be dismissed as a niche market by the outliers but it is actually a massive market. Moreover, it is not just confined to food and beverages but to an array of sectors in a host of industries.
Halalria will likely be one of the last, if not, the last of any major ECommerce platforms to be established. That is a bold statement to make. What you see will not always be what you get because before you realize it we would have implemented some major technological innovations and inventions onto it. At the same time, we will keep pushing the limits to bring you the highest standard of service and quality. Halalria will not just be the best halal ecommerce platform but it will grow to be the best with a lot of support from you.
We welcome all partners (vendors, marketplaces, including other online ECommerce platforms, etc.), investors, sponsors, volunteers, admirers and supporters. All are wellcome! Come, join us and grow together in the HALALRIA revolution to create the next big thing.
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