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To establish the world’s ultimate friend ecosystem using the FRIENDCLUB.COM Points [Tokens] [Coins] as the digital currency of choice in order to better serve the community.

International Royalty Network

IRN System
In order to encourage the usage of the FRIENDCLUB.COM digital currency and its mass adoption globally, as well as to motivate merchants to set up shop in the marketplace, FRIENDCLUB.COM will implement a number of programs according to the following strategies and plans.

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At the same time, all users will be rewarded not only for their purchases but also for their activities on the platform. The IRN is the Reward System for Referral, Recognition and Loyalty program. The “Royalty” in the IRN means every user is treated like royalty. IRN is a hybrid system for a point based gift and loyalty program where the points are based on FRIENDCLUB.COM Points [Tokens] [Coins]. The reward system is broad based as follows.

The FRIENDCLUB.COM Marketplace can award Points [Tokens] [Coins] to its merchants and consumers, and use FRIENDCOIN.COM to engage them in numerous activities.


Vendors in the marketplace can reward their customers with Points [Tokens] [Coins] or engage in various activities with FRIENDCOIN.COM, for example, advertise on the platform to attract customers by giving discount coins, etc. They can gift their customers with virtual or physical gifts.

Customers can reward and gift their friends or idols or fans with FRIENDCOIN.COM, real or virtual gift convertible into FRIENDCOIN.COM. They can even encourage merchants (or other content contributors) for their good work or generosity, for example, donate with coins to vendors or fellow contributors on the platform, reward members for singing a beautiful song, etc. What’s more, the value of the gifts is not stagnant as the converted digital currency has great upside potential with the rise of FRIENDCLUB.COM.

The FRIENDCOIN.COM has great potential for enormous upside value when converted into a cryptocurrency as more users join the community thereby increasing the circulation of the currency.

Harnessing The Power Of The Community
Have A Smooth Ride… Surely…

For FRIENDCLUB.COM, it encompasses the global community regardless of race, language or geographic boundaries. The FRIENDCLUB.COM represents an all-encompassing inclusivity and diversity. In this context, FRIENDCLUB.COM will harmonize its business model using blockchain integrated solutions, ranging from ecommerce and supply chain, to travel and leisure to finance, for example.

As such, all suppliers, manufacturers, traders, and retailers are welcome to trade, buy and sell, and network, on the FRIENDCLUB.COM platform so long as they comply with the high standards of FRIENDCLUB.COM requirements and standards.