Laboratory Testing Services
This is to provide the ultimate standard food safety tests for end users as well as consumers. The testing services will also facilitate and liaise necessary specialized tests with certified testing laboratories in Singapore.

It will also help to provide sophisticated services, for example, to perform and enhance shelf life studies of food products with advanced food science and technology, thereby improving the quality of the products and the profitability of the food manufacturers.

Advanced Logistics From Technological Innovations
With the logistics efficiency and global connectivity, the hub will be looking into setting up a Hub Management System to create not only a platform for business-to-business interaction and communications, but also Hub-to-Hub linkages with other hubs in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Pakistan, Japan, India, etc.

Halal Food Processing & Certification

Halal Food Processing & Certification
FRIENDCLUB.COM will be the key driver in the technological innovations of the integrated Halal hHub, setting up the whole ecosystem starting from incubation centers to the development of technological products and services to cater to the Halal and the Whole Wide World.