The Rise Of The Next Billions
The Rise Of The Next Billions
FRIENDCLUB.COM is scalable horizontally and vertically to ultimately serve the entire ummah community in a wholistic way. There are still big gaps for products and services in the markets that are unserved.
Services in entertainment, education, enterprise, etc. can be further provided to empower its members.
There has been continuous efforts by the government agencies to promote the national brand to other countries. Such endorsements and support by these agencies provide for the massive boost of confidence for local companies looking towards overseas expansion.
Through the established presence of FRIENDCLUB.COM in Asian countries, like the Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, etc. as well as networking partners in other countries and regions, food manufacturers from the Integrated Halal Hub here can have more direct and cost effective distribution networks overseas through the Hub-to-Hub link.
In the same vein, because of the economy of scale for sourcing and bulk purchasing of raw materials, the Integrated Halal Hub will allow for cost and time efficient branding, certification, distribution and export sale of products and services overseas.
Best of all, the Integrated Halal Hub online, FRIENDCLUB.COM will not only be scaleable but it will also be developed and expanded fast and “furious” to reach out to the markets internationally, offering all kinds of products and services.
With the virtuous cycles of growth and sustainability and through the continual exponential growth, the halal marketplace will rise rapidly through a multiplier exponential effect.
Mobile Shopping @HALALRIA.COM
Illustration Of A Typical Mobile ECommerce Platform
Both the physical entities and online sites and apps can be scaled up and relatively easily replicated in other countries and regions, thus creating a humongous market(s) and a global community for which FRIENDCLUB.COM can well serve.
FRIENDCLUB.COM will serve as an incubator and connector for the physical hub and provide additional IT and related services not available or not possible in the physical space. Therefore, it can be said that the success of the Integrated Halal Hub is a foregone conclusion.