The proposed development of an Integrated Halal Hub is not just simply the construction of a physical factory for halal food manufacturers. Instead, the hub is to be a one-stop center for all aspects of business and related activities on halal food manufacturing, processing, preparation, packaging, storage, testing, certification, marketing, supply and trading. At the same time, it brings end-customers together with a social, shopping and commercial complex which fully support the social and ecommerce activities on the HALALRIA.COM super app.
What is inside the Integrated Halal Hub?
❦ Central Kitchen
❦ Mosque
❦ Food Safety
❦ Warehouse storage
❦ Food Innovation
❦ Exhibition/ Event Hall
❦ Packaging House
❦ Meat Processing
❦ Food Processing
❦ Cold Room
❦ Center of Excellence
❦ Social, Shopping & Commercial Complex
The establishing of the Integrated Halal Hub will link the whole supply chain of both suppliers and end consumers, enabling intermediary companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. These companies will be able to synchronize their business activities through the synergizing of suppliers, warehousing, transport logistics and producers, thereby minimizing system wide operational costs yet achieving customer expectations.
The collaboration with leading industry players will propel Singapore into the very lucrative halal business in the world. We are strongly positioned to embark on this project due to the ability to consolidate a collective of established supply chain networks, as well as inhouse domain expertise on halal enterprise, including management, certification, consultation and marketing, and even more importantly because the integration into the Halalria super app ecosystem will create a virtuous cycle of continued growth and sustainability.
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