FRIENDCLUB.COM brings the entire Halal community onto one platform, integrating the whole supply chain seamlessly together, and thereby streamlining the entire market process for the consumers, retailers, wholesalers, traders and manufacturers.
It provides a platform for vendors to sell to its local consumer base or to export markets at the fraction of the cost compared to that offered by its offline and other online counterparts. It connects to all Halal vendors globally and does the screening process of its vendors for the end consumers to ensure that the products and services offered are Halal.
Merchants do not outsource their business tasks, such as delivery and logistics, to FRIENDCLUB.COM but instead they are done by other vendors facilitated by the FRIENDCLUB.COM platform. The company simply provides a platform with a payment system for these vendors to carry out their business activities and provide other value added services to facilitate the proper functioning of the marketplace as well as to incentivize both buyers and sellers to keep coming to its site.
As an online offering, FRIENDCLUB.COM allows its vendors to sell locally and globally without high capital outlays or incurring large operating expenditures but enable them to increase customer service, increase sales opportunities, increase revenues, improve their inventory management and increase their overall productivity.
The savings enjoyed by these vendors at FRIENDCLUB.COM will be passed to their consumers. Their customers benefit by having a hassle-free, easy and convenient way to shop online or on their palm for their halal purchases at great prices, as well as gain from rewards and payoffs, in terms of redemption points, coins or gifts, cashbacks and other payoffs, accumulated from the loyalty programs for their regular shopping sprees at FRIENDCLUB.COM.


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