The integrated solutions offered by the Integrated Halal Food Hub empowers local based halal food manufacturers through cost savings and enhanced productivity. A more prestigious product and image branding, extensive networking platform, common facilities and shared expert services are just some of the factors that can assist companies grow and propel them into a higher level individually, while entrenching the nation as a reliable halal food and trade hub.

Solutions & Strategies For The Halal Industry

Leveraging on ease of export due to the common use of English, Global connectivity and efficiency of logistics infrastructure, the Hub will help promote the country as a center of international Halal food hub.

With the facilities both in terms of physical infrastructure as well as wide range of service and consultancy support, the hub will also be able to assist those non-Halal certified companies obtain the necessary approvals to enter into this growing market. Such certification need not be restricted to only food manufacturers, but can also include other manufacturers, such as cosmetics as well as logistics companies, packaging material supplier and other service providers.

Furthermore, there will be massive employment opportunities offered by the consolidation of the large number of businesses within the hub, including providing training programs and jobs for the disabled and elderly work force.

Such training can include in areas like – logistics management, cold chain management, halal and other professional advisory, sales & marketing advisory, food technology research & development, food manufacturing and food processing.

By congregating halal food producers at one central location, the Integrated Halal Food Hub aims to provide further product promotion and create higher levels of awareness by providing a central products display and exhibition area.

Finally, with the large number of Muslim staff and visitors at the proposed hub, a small mosque will be set up for prayers as well. This will not only provide a place for religious worship, but will also cut down on drop of productivity as staff will not need to travel far out of the premises for their regular daily prayers.