The Katong district in Singapore is a special location with a strong and diverse racial mix contributing to the area’s rich multiethnic cuisines and unique cultural identity. It is in the eastern region of Singapore where many Malays and Muslims reside.

Halalria Di Tanjong Katong

Katong is in the close proximity of the beautiful stretch of beach along the East Coast Park. Many bungalows, villas and beautiful houses used to be right on the beachfront but the area has since been reclaimed to make way for other developments.

It is also the place where you can also discover the unique culture of the Peranakans who are the people with a mixed Chinese and Malay and Indonesian heritage.

Therefore, you can find many delicious Halal eateries in the area serving Malay, Peranakan and Chinese Halal food.

The video is a melodious Singapore folk song titled “Di Tanjong Katong” or “In Tanjong Katong”. Sing and dance along with it. Sure, you will like it very much!

Oh… BTW, we also have a house there and we will surely invite you for an open house Halal party! Awesome!