FRIENDCLUB.COM is a community driven platform for the global friendship community focused especially on social ecommerce. As such, it is a diverse ecosystem embodied in a super app supported by an array of components, including but not limited to the following.

💕 Multivendor Online Marketplace
💕 Short & Long Video Platform
💕 Banking & Finance [Fintech] 💕 Funding & Payment System
💕 Advertising Agency
💕 Travel: Flights, Hotels & Accommodations
💕 Directory: Going Places
💕 Live Streaming
💕 Games
💕 Chat & Messaging
💕 Membership Club
💕 Gift
💕 Music
💕 Education
💕 Entertainment
💕 Drama, Films & Movies
💕 Events
💕 Micro App Platform
Therefore, it is a friend marketplace platform with a series of related social and business activities to support the entire Supply Chain Ecosystem that will further empower the entire friendship community worldwide.
FRIENDCLUB.COM offers a complete fully integrated solution across all platforms for the entire Halal ECommerce Ecosystem with a multi-vendor platform for business to business (B2B) solutions, as well as business to consumer (B2C) solutions for individual countries and major cities, and an accompanying consumer to consumer (C2C) sociable ECommerce system to further empower the community.
Moreover, FRIENDCLUB.COM will initiate the C2M [“Customer To Market” or C2F “Customer To Farm”] plan as part of our all out efforts to alleviate poverty with the ultimate goal of eventual poverty elimination. This not only brings in great benefit with enormous price reduction for the consumers. but it is also therefore a win-win-win formula aligned to the social enterprise concept. FRIENDCLUB.COM will work hands-on with farmers in impoverished regions of the world to help them with agricultural technology, bring and deliver their products to the international marketplace.

FRIENDMART.COM by FRIENDCLUB.COM is a powerful and diverse multi-vendor, multi-platform HyperMarketplace with localized online and unmanned high tech supermarkets, a B2B online international trading center and a C2M marketplace together with multi-user live streaming, offering all kinds of halal products and services. Shopping and trading online at FRIENDMART.COM by FRIENDCLUB.COM will be an exciting and truly unique experience. Above all, it is social and fun:D
The Company offers discount for physical, perishable and non-perishable food and beverage and universal products, to end-consumers on its online platforms and utilizes a consolidation approach in a uniform and trouble-free way, integrating unique loyalty, gift, cashback and reward and loyalty programs. It takes customer service and product quality very seriously, including handling all product returns that allows online merchants to instantly save bad sales, restore customer satisfaction and stimulate repeat sales, while offering consumers a convenient, centralized online location to claim returns.

In addition, FRIENDMART.COM by FRIENDCLUB.COM, as a community driven Sociable ECommerce enterprise, operates complementary social networking sites and apps, including FRIENDCLUB.COM, with related apps to enhance the ECommerce platform and complete the sociable nature of its ECommerce offerings.

Such services will be upgraded and expanded in due course as its userbase grows to include a full suite of software and online product offerings, that will range from banking and finance to fun, recipes to recreation, travel to games, etc. Newer marketplaces that complement the main B2B and B2C platforms could emerge from the expansion of the social programs. Social C2C stores as well as micro stores and micro marketplaces could be set up in the chat messaging platform (which could be implemented under a subsidiary of FRIENDCLUB.COM, or a different entity altogether).

The Fully Integrated Solution For The FRIENDMART.COM Supply Chain
Logistics centers, set up in limited numbers, and fully integrated and synced to its online system from POS to loyalty programs, etc., also serve as offline discount stores and distribution and delivery hubs for merchants in major locations.
They not only bring the merchants and consumers to FRIENDMART.COM by FRIENDCLUB.COM but also increase the offline market presence of the Company, thereby enhancing further its vibrant online marketplace, and reinforcing itself as the number one market leader position.
By aggressively pursuing its first-mover advantage with ECommerce catering to the halal industry, FRIENDMART.COM by FRIENDCLUB.COM positions itself for development, growth and expansion, with gains of a strong opportunity to raise entry barriers for any possible competition. Nevertheless, we believe in spreading the natural goodness of such products and services, and welcome more players and partners in the industry as it creates greater synergy and speeds up its growth and development to further help the community and beyond.
The Fully Integrated Solution For The [sc name=
The online based business would be disrupted and revolutionized yet again backed up by a global community of 3 billion people. FRIENDMART.COM with FRIENDCLUB.COM will further rebuild, rejuvenate, excite the entire community all over the world.
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