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Facilities & Usage

The Project Group is targeting a land parcel upon which to build up to a hub that will achieve a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 1,070,000 sq ft, with a Net Floor Area (NFA) of 850,000 sq ft. The design is a 6 story ramp up factory with storage facilities and ancillary office space.

Food Manufacturers & Service Providers

The proposed Integrated Halal Hub will provide shared facilities, networking and other associated services that will save costs, increase productivity and improve distribution and marketing channels.

Development Concepts

The development aims to bring value chain solutions and logistics infrastructure under one roof to provide a halal food and solutions hub. Manufacturers will be able to enjoy halal dedicated pay per use storage, logistics and distribution facilities.

Business Growth Potential & Prospects For the Halal Industry

Other than the continuous global demand boom for halal food, the upcoming 2020 Olympics, now postponed to 2021, to be held in Tokyo, Japan has seen a sudden surge of demand from the country for halal food manufacturing suppliers, as well as Japan based food manufacturers looking to set up halal certified food manufacturing operations.

Integrated Halal Hub

The proposed development of an Integrated Halal Hub is not just simply the construction of a physical factory for halal food manufacturers. Instead, the hub is to be a one-stop center for all aspects of business and related activities on halal food manufacturing, processing, preparation, packaging, storage, testing, certification, marketing, supply and trading.

Corporate Information

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International Market Players

According to the Modor Intelligence Report, the Middle-East and Africa market for halal food and beverage is projected to witness a CAGR of 5.8%, during the forecast period (2020-2025). The growing awareness of halal food and its positioning as hygienic and healthy food among, both, Muslim and non-Muslim communities, resulted in an increase in the consumption and...

Market Overview

The global Halal industry is estimated to be worth around USD2.3 trillion as of 2015, emerging as a major growth sector in the global economy and is creating a strong presence in many countries. The Halal industry has expanded beyond the food sector to include

Halal Definition

Halal is an Arabic word which essentially means ‘lawful’ or ‘permitted’ while Haram means ‘unlawful’ or ‘prohibited’. The basic reason for the prohibition of certain food consumption is due to their impurities or harm to the human body. The halal principles are not confined strictly to the religious, but also involve health, cleanliness and safety.

Why Halalria

💖 Why Halal? Because of its humongous market size and yet still largely unexploited markets. See Market Overview. 💖 Increase in global population, especially the Muslims.


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Charity: Community Giving

[sc name="name"] contributes to the society and the community at large in a number of very meaningful ways. We also partner with our business associates, various corporations, government organizations, charity organizations, schools, NGOs, volunteers, religious organizations, such as mosques as well...
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