Case Example Of Business Opportunity: Tokyo Olympics 2021
Other than the continuous global demand boom for halal food, the upcoming “2020 Olympics”, now postponed to 2021, to be held in Tokyo, Japan has seen a sudden surge of demand from the country for halal food manufacturing suppliers, as well as Japan based food manufacturers looking to set up halal certified food manufacturing operations.
As such, not only will the project be able to secure a ready stream of local end customers, but it also includes foreign companies looking to establish a halal certified and integrated food production operations. These companies can leverage on the Integrated Halal Hub and the entire Halalria ecosystem utilizing its state of the art technologies and world famous efficient export infrastructure and transshipment facilities.

Beyond the Olympics, small and medium enterprises can also make use of this platform to expand beyond national boundaries and reach out towards the high level of growing and sustained demand from the regional and global market.
As we all know, Japan is not a Muslim country and its Muslim population is tiny, almost non-existent, so why is it such a lucrative market for the halal industry for Japan? There are occasional spurs or spikes in the interest in halal food for the people but it only happens on special occasions like the Olympics. For the majority of the local people, most are still oblivious to the concept of halal food. Well, the reason lies in the supply chain rather than the end-consumers.
Japan is an economic powerhouse with a dominant manufacturing base. The food industry, like those in other Asian countries are looking to expand their markets overseas so they are looking to penetrate into new markets like those in the halal economy where incomes have been growing through continued economic growth. Moreover, the interests in the halal market naturally extends beyond food to include other products and services, such as cosmetics, fashion, etc. In recent years, for example, Japan has hosted several modest fashion shows and model events.
At the same time, Japan is looking forward to more tourist arrivals from Muslim countries so the travel industry has to be geared up to these foreign guests with halal friendly facilities, halal hotels, halal restaurants, etc., and service personnel who are knowledgeable of the needs of the halal customers.
The same can be said of countries and territories like South Korea, Taiwan, etc.
With such long term plans in mind, the advisory and consultancy services provided within the integrated hub supported by HALALRIA.COM will provide additional quality control with high quality assurance through emphasis on the highest halal standards.
FRIENDCLUB.COM provides the platform as a springboard for enterprises interested in the halal sector to jumpstart and ultimately succeed in this lucrative market.
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